Web Development

Various internal and customer-specific projects in the field of software development are another component of nexico Consulting GmbH.
We develop a variety of projects - from planning, conception and design to implementation and accompanying launch. The categories web and mobile development, application software and customer-oriented solutions are our focus here.

Especially, the programming on Drupal forms an essential component. We develop specialized Drupal modules and adjust your existing modules.

Mobile devices demand special requirements of web pages. We prepare your website for the mobile generation and give you an optimum appearance - simple, clear and concise. Furthermore we are developing Apps that represent real value for your current web presence.


Web Development

  • Many years of experience in web development
  • Consulting and development of specific web solutions tailored to the needs of customers
  • Work based on code standards
  • Design and theming of websites
  • Setup, maintenance and enhancement of content management systems


  • Installation and maintenance of Drupal sites
  • Customization, configuration and development of Drupal modules


  • Website optimization on mobile standards (mobile websites)
  • Development of mobile landing pages for mobile campaigns
  • Conception and design of mobile applications
  • Android / iPhone programming

Custom duties

  • Software programming
  • Data analysis
  • Shop systems
  • Design of web pages, presentations and ads

Traffic - Monitoring with Tsuiseki

With our monitoring software we bring total transparency into your purchased traffic and optimize it to the maximum.

With the Tsuiseki system you can analyze all the data and evaluate it properly. This way you always keep track of and control over your sources and see what they really earn you. The complex and reliable quality score allows you to identify and eliminate sources of bad traffic. The result is that you significantly reduce your spending and are able to invest in more high quality traffic.

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